It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover Review.

5 +++Raw & Emotional Stars!



It Ends with Us is such a beautiful and emotional story. I went in barely even looking at the blurb. I mean hello, it is Colleen Hoover after all that wrote this book. I knew that it would be nothing short than amazing but wow, I just hadn’t expected what this book did to me, how it made me feel.

I can’t recommend a book more than this one. This is by far one of the best book I have ever read. It’s so raw, and isn’t all pretty like some might want. It’s realistic and hits such points that so many can’t ever begin to imagine, or to understand. Reading this story  I felt as if I could feel everything that Lily was feeling. I wanted to scream at times. Why couldn’t things be different. However, I do understand exactly why it had to be the way it turned out and I am so happy Colleen didn’t change anything. I loved these characters so much. Yes all of them!!

I can honestly say that I have never cried so much with a book, and I mean bawled like a baby sitting in my bed, having to take moments to clear my eyes and control my tears so that I could continue to push through this story. Please don’t let that stop you from reading this book. These tears are part of why I love this book so much. I felt such raw emotion, so much so that I can’t help but to love it! No book has ever pulled me in so much. I felt as if my own heart was being broken as I turned each page. My heart broke for Lily, for Ryle, and for so many other reasons.

I want to talk so much about this story, to go into such depth and explain each character. To explain why I love each of them, but also hate about each of them. However, I can’t do that. You must and I mean must go into this story open minded and blind. It’s the best way to get the full experience. This story hit so many spots for me on such a personal level. I also can say that Lily is probably one of my all time favorite Heroin’s in a book. She’s so brave and bold. She loves so deeply. She is compassionate, kind, strong, & overall such an amazing woman.

I do hope that each person who reads It Ends with Us can appreciate the story that Colleen tells, that they can end the book and feel complete with how it ends. That you can feel emotions from this story, but also can take a new understanding with you. I know I will, I’ll be much more open minded to events that may occur around me. I’ll never EVER forget this book and will always recommend it to my friends!!

Thank you Colleen for writing this book!


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