Review: Dear Agony by Georgia Cates

4.5 Beautiful Stars!


Dear Agony,

You’ve been my shadow, following me through childhood—filling my days and nights with terror and uncertainty. You cleverly disguised yourself as some form of pain or suffering as I grew into a young woman. We were unwavering companions … until I severed our ties.

I traded homelessness on the streets of New Orleans for a luxurious bed covered by the finest linens.
I traded dumpster diving for dinner in the finest restaurants.
I traded myself to a stranger—Bastien Pascal.

I have a good life within my platonic and mutually beneficial companionship with Bash.
He’s my friend. My mentor. My roommate.
Until everything changes.

I’m not supposed to get goosebumps when his hand brushes my skin.
I’m not supposed to be eager for his soothing touch following one of my nightmares.
I’m not supposed to think about what might happen if I reached out to him in the darkness.

Falling in love with him? Preposterous . . . unavoidable.

Agony, why are you back with a vengeance to rob me of this life I’ve come to love so dearly?

I’m finally happy. Don’t ruin this for me.

Always yours,

In this epic love story, Dear Agony forges a connection between an unlikely pair—a beautiful rose entwined in barbed wire and a shipwreck sinking into the darkest depths of the ocean. This agonizing romantic novel poses some gut-wrenching questions: What does a woman do when the man she loves is planning his own demise? And how far will she go to give him something to live for?


**Received this book for an honest review**

I absolutely loved Dear Agony!!! I knew going into this book that I wouldn’t be disappointed but somehow I loved this book so much more than I could have anticipated. Truly I think this may be one of my absolute favorite reads by Georgia Cates yet.

I love books that bring my emotions out and Dear Agony did just that. I had to take moments to compose myself and not cry reading this story. You can’t help but feel your heart go out to Rose with each circumstance she has faced in her life but her relationship with Bastien is something that as a reader I wanted to happen so badly. I fell in love with their relationship because it isn’t one that starts out in the typical fashion. Nope, instead they are setup as companions (want more details to where you understand that, well guess you will need to read the story for yourself 😉 ) and become best friends who can only fight the chemistry for so long.

Right when Rose thinks that life couldn’t become any more perfect agony throws a huge thorn in her life where it concerns her relationship with Bastien, but she isn’t willing to give up.

Have I mentioned how much you will love Bastien? You will, he’s the perfect gentleman and I just adored him. I loved how sweet he was with Rose, loved his heart so much!!
Ah, I feel as if I could go on and on but I don’t want to spoil too much for anyone who hasn’t had the chance to discover this great love story. Waste no more time, order this book and read it! It’s amazing! Thank you Georgia for writing a story that was able to stir emotions in me, that will always be a great book in my eyes!

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