Review: Distraction by Emily Snow

 4 Great Stars!!


At the ripe old age of twenty-eight, Jamie Armstrong is sick of douchebags like the PA who told her she has an “ass made for screwing” on the first date. She wants commitment, and she’s got a list that she’s anxious to check off.



Baby (preferably twins, because two’s company).

Then she meets Mateo Bailon.

An attorney with a penchant for chains and kink, Mateo isn’t looking for commitment and he sure as hell doesn’t want marriage. Not again. He wants a distraction—a new way to forget his past—and Jamie’s his favorite kind of drug. 

He just never counted on getting addicted.

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First I want to start with how grateful I am that I was allowed the chance to read Emily Snow’s book for my book blog, thank you!

Distraction was such a great read, I loved the chemistry between Jamie and Mateo. They had this instant connection but yet there’s still time for the two of them to get to know one another, to determine how they feel for the other without it being sudden. Obviously they are drawn to one another on a scale of attraction, but below that was so much more.

Mateo is a very commanding man who knows exactly what he wants in life, and that isn’t love. He wants nothing more than fun, and sex is just that for him. When he finds himself wanting to be near Jamie, wanting to be the only man to ever touch her, well he tries to turn off the emotions especially when a family emergency comes up. Mateo thinks that he is doing what is best for Jamie, that he isn’t what’s best for her.

Jamie knows exactly what she wants in life, to find love. She wants a husband and to start a family. When she finds herself sitting in the office of Mateo for her friend, its the last thing she wants especially when the chemistry is so strong, but she’s strong enough to ignore his passes towards her, so she thought. Jamie knows that Mateo will be her undoing, that he will break her heart but yet she can’t say no to having fun with him. The more time that passes the harder it becomes for her to say no to him.

This story is such a great read, and all of the characters not including Jamie and Mateo bring such a light hearted sense to the book that helps you to fall more for it. I must warn, there are some aspects of the story that make it a heartbreaker with loss but it’s also what creates the characters to be who they are. You fall for them, and when you’re reading those last pages you find yourself smiling with how there story comes together, or so I did. I do hope others will enjoy Distraction as I did, consider it an awesome distraction from your everyday chaotic life. 😉


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Emily Snow is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the DEVOURED series and TIDAL. She loves books, sexy bad boys, and really loud rock music, so naturally, she writes stories about all three. Visit her blog at for news, teasers, and contests.



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