Review: Slow Dance in Purgatory by Amy Harmon



Orphaned from the age of ten, 17-year-old Maggie finally finds a permanent home with her elderly aunt in a small Texas town. Working part-time at the local high school, she becomes enmeshed in a fifty-year-old unsolved mystery where nothing is as it seems. Who is the boy no one else can see? And what do you do when you fall in love with a ghost? This volatile and mismatched romance is doomed from its start, as Maggie struggles to hold on to yet another life destined to be taken from her. Secret love and hushed affections are constantly threatened by outside forces resulting in a terrifying race to stay alive.

‘Slow Dance in Purgatory’ captures the heart-ache of a love story where there can be no happy ending…



5 + Enchanting Stars!

Amy Harmon truly has a way with words and telling a beautifully unique story. Slow Dance in Purgatory is truly a captivating story about love that should be impossible.

I felt the story with everything within me. The characters were enthralling and refreshing all the same.

Maggie has always dreamed of finally being home, and living with Aunt Irene she finally feels as if she is there. What she doesn’t expect is to meet Johnny Kinross in her high school especially considering 50 years before he went missing. Just simply disappeared! However, strange things happen all the time and Maggie has seen ghosts before in her lifetime. The strange part is that Johnny doesn’t quite feel like a ghost. Their interactions are anything but simple, and the love that grows between them is so powerful.

Johnny has spent the last 50 years trapped in the school. The only person that he can recall to ever see him is Gus but nothing was said. When Maggie suddenly see’s him Johnny is unsure of how to approach her but knows that he is drawn to her like moth is to a flame.

“Maggie—if this were 1958, and none of this had ever happened, and I was just a guy and you were my girl . . . I would hold on to you and never let you go,” Johnny implored huskily, “But it isn’t 1958 . . . and I am not just a guy, in love with his girl.”

Slow Dance in Purgatory is a love story that just isn’t possible, how can two people find love when one of them isn’t actually alive. I wish I could find eloquent words to do this book justice but I don’t think I can. Amy Harmon in my book is the queen of writing beautifully unique stories that will leave you in such a book hangover. I simply loved this book! If you have yet to discover Amy’s books then I can’t recommend her enough. If you have read some of her books and are looking for your next great book, then I strongly recommend Slow Dance in Purgatory.


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