You are Strong!


Ever feel as if life is just speeding by at warp speed? As if every corner you turn something else jumps out at you? Whether it be a bad nights sleep, your car breaks down, an appliance has suddenly stopped working, your child is sick, unexpected finances pop up that you were NOT prepared for at all, or simply anything else that just isn’t what you had bargained for. 

I guarantee if you’re actually reading this then you’re nodding your head yes. I mean come on, we have all been there. Wives and those who are single. Mom’s and those who do not have kids all go through these seasons of life. 

No it is not fun, not even slightly. We deeply want for life to just go accordingly just for once but life never seems to go how we each would like. Trust me, I get it 100%! 

I’m a mother of two kids. My son who turns 7 at the end of this month, who is on the Autism Spectrum, and my daughter who will be 4 next month even though her sass would make you think she is much older. 

What happened to the playbook for motherhood? Because most days I could really use it as many mom’s out there probably agree. 

Like many, I am swamped with doing things for the kids, especially my son. He is high functioning but that doesn’t make it any easier (yes, I’ve heard that I have it easier) when dealing with the school over an IEP, therapies, or home life. I’m also a wife to an amazing man who is in the military. So life is always up in the air, but we have fallen into a rhythm with it all that comes with time. After 10 years together we both have come to deal with the long days, or nights that he has to be away or how each day is never the same. It’s just simply our way of life, and I know I for one am super grateful for all my husband does for our family. Without him life certainly would be much more difficult than it is now. 

Now there’s also the pets, the home that needs tending to, and oh, did I mention I recently started waitressing again during evenings to help with all those unexpected finances, broken things, etc. Adjusting has been tough for my kids, and crazy tiring for this momma. Sleep is greatly needed, plus my love to read books is strong, that I have to pick and choose between the two. I know this is a simple choice if you’re not an avid reader, but I am. Reading helps my mind to clear but without sleep that can be difficult as well. 

Dare I mention watching television! Ha, Nope! No time for anything these days, but you better believe that life is still moving at warp speed, even as I type this long post out. 

Life is certainly in a season for my household and I didn’t even scrape the surface of all that is happening within my life. 

But I do promise I had a real point to writing a long post and complaining was definitely not it. 

You see life is crazy, and I know many who feel the same in this regard. Many who also share things like depression and/or anxiety (I struggle with both on a regular basis, but am good at hiding them). 

I’m here to say, you’re not alone, and guess what? It is simply okay to not be okay! 

Yes, you read that correctly!

I recently learned this when I was doing a bible study, and wow, did it speak volumes to me! We don’t always have to have it all figured out. Cry if you need to cry, heck, scream even. You may feel better afterwards. Pour that glass or that bottle of wine without guilt, over indulge in some chocolate, or greasy food if it helps you to cope. I am not going to judge you in the least because there are days I need to do many of these. 

It’s alright to not know all the answers or to not know what tomorrow may bring. Just know that in the moment, in this day, you don’t have to be alright and if you are well that’s also great. I know many days I am overwhelmed and far from okay, but I know I am never truly alone. That others understand, that I am loved by friends and family, but most of all by God, and that regardless I am still strong! No matter what, everything will work out! 

So I am here to say you’re not alone, and you ARE strong, and Beautiful! That we all need to hear this from time to time. 

You can always reach out to me if you feel alone, because I will listen if that’s what you need, and be here to remind you that you are strong and so much more! 

Thank you for reading my non book related post if you managed to get through all of my rambling! 


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