Release with Review: Ravenswood by Christine Zolendz


42286061.jpgFrom USA Today Bestseller Christine Zolendz, comes a new, haunting paranormal series.
They’re DYING to get in…
In the southern swamps of Louisiana, an ominous and foreboding mansion beckons the young and curious tourists. But once they enter Ravenswood, they never return.
And New Yorker Rainey Halerow knows nothing about it…
That is until her grandmother is brutally murdered under her nose and the answers to her mysterious and heinous death lie within the walls of Ravenswood. As the mansion lures her in, Rainey knows one thing is certain: more than death is trapped inside.




5 Stars!!! 

“In Ravenswood, a soul is the only currency left.”

I have loved everything I read by Christine. She just has such a way with words, and her world building in this book was absolutely amazing. Ravenswood is such a unique story that leaves you wanting so much more. I seriously NEED the next book! I want to know what is going to come next, because it’s not a huge cliffhanger but yes it ends almost in a way that is like a cliffhanger. I think the only thing that I would even consider a flaw or complaint is that I truly wanted more interaction between Rainey and Mathias. I loved when the two were around one another, and then coming to understand Mathias just had me hoping for more of them.

Ravenswood has such a mystery quality, but the romance is there. Not a lot but enough to pull you in, well me in. I really did love this book!!! I am so excited for the next in the series. I want to gush, to talk about the storyline, about the mystery, and the villain. However, doing so spoils the book or in my opinion does so. This is a book that is best that you go in almost blind to get the full effect.

Obviously the blurb allows you to know that Rainey has just lost her grandmother, and finds herself in Louisiana in an attempt to discover who killer her, but what she discovers in Ravenswood is so much more than she ever imagined.

There! No spoiling coming from me. 🙂 This book may not be for everyone but I loved it, and loved Christine’s writing so much. Christine your words are enchanting, and they leave me reeling, wanting so much more.




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