Review: Dark Harmony by Laura Thelassa



There are worse things than death. Things that lurk in the shadows and slip into your dreams. Things that have no business existing. Things that once slept … but have now awoken.

For Callypso Lillis, the fae magic that now runs through her veins is equal parts curse and good fortune. For the very thing that bonds her to Desmond Flynn, the King of the Night, also makes her vulnerable to the Thief of Souls, a man who wants to break the world … and Callie along with it.

But it’s not just the Thief whose shadow looms over the Otherworld. Des’s father is back from the dead, and he wants revenge on the son who sent him to the grave in the first place.

Des and Callie must figure out how to stop both men, and time is running out. Because there are forces at play working to tear the lovers apart once and for all … and unfortunately for them, death is no longer the worst thing to fear.



5 Until Darkness Dies Stars! 

“From flame to ashes, dawn to dusk – until Darkness Dies.”

I am going to attempt to keep my review short and simple. I absolutely LOVED this book! This series was everything and so much more than I ever could have hoped for. I was so excited after each book that I found myself rushing to the next book without writing reviews.

Des and Callie are my favorite couple. They have a relationship that is pure love and have so much passion for one another. Des is the King of Night and Callie, a siren who now is so much more than just some human are up against the Thief of Souls but also Des’s father has returned. The Thief of Souls is evil and has been wrecking havoc on the Otherworld for 10+ years and now has his sights set on Callie.

Did I mention this entire series is fairies! One of my favorite tropes now! The Dynamic of the story truly is great between the characters, and each book picks up flawlessly where the last left off.

“You’re Callypso Lillis, plain and simple. You were her yesterday, you’ll be her tomorrow. It’s up to you to decide what being you actually means. No one else can do that for you. Not the man who gave you those wings, not the man who’s hunting you. Not your stepfather. Not even me. “But whatever you choose to be, cherub, make it count.”

Des is strong, gorgeous, broken & a ruler who would give everything up for his Mate. Callie is the perfect Heroin. She is strong, courageous and by the end of the book you can see the growth she has been through in the years that have led up to her coming to the otherworld. She learns that she is no Victim and no one will bring her down. I loved this couple so much! Laura you wrote such a unique and amazing story!

“People like us are not victims. We’re someone’s nightmare. “

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