Review: The Wish Collector



New Orleans, a city of mystery and magic, of secrets and dreams, and a history drenched in both love and the deepest of heartache.

When ballet dancer Clara Campbell arrives in New Orleans, lonely and homesick, she is immediately captivated by the story of Windisle Plantation and the tragic tale that is said to have transpired beyond its gate. Legend has it that it is abandoned by all living souls, but to Clara’s great surprise, it is not a ghost she hears through the stone wall surrounding the property, but a flesh and blood man. A scarred stranger with a pain deeper and darker than the churning waters of the Mississippi river that flows beside his self-imposed prison.

The ruined man behind the wall hides himself from the world. The last thing he expects is to find a friend in the selfless girl who speaks to him through the cracks in the rock. The girl who keeps returning week after week. The girl who makes him wish for things he has long since given up on. The girl who strikes both fear and hope within his wounded heart. But there can be no future for them, no life beyond Windisle, for no one knows better than him that monsters only live in the dark.

The Wish Collector is the story of shame and triumph, of loneliness and love, and the miracle of two hearts connecting despite the strongest of barriers between them.



4.5 Stars

The Wish Collector is Magical, Enchanting, and a romance that made my heart swoon!

This book has such a unique storyline to it that pulls you in with it’s timeless appeal and the romance that is intertwined between two different couples who live in completely different times is written so beautifully.

There’s a mystery to this story that has your mind wandering and your heart is racing to know what will come. I found myself falling deeper into the rabbit whole with interest that it made it hard to put down at times.

“Love carves into the hardest of places.”

Love is a true conqueror within this Romance. Yes, this book is a die hard Romance all the way. It’s not your typical love story. We get to experience a romance from ages prior of a couple who faced such struggles and whom were not allowed to love one another, but in the end even love was the winner.

Clara is drawn to the Windisle Plantation. She’s new to New Orleans, and is a ballerina who is lonely. She finds herself engrossed in a legend that circulates around the plantation and is determined to solve the riddle. In the beginnings she simply makes a wish, but her wish isn’t just any wish. No, her wish is one that catches the attention of Jonah.

Jonah has shut himself away from the world. He truly believes he is a monster who deserves to be alone. Clara brings a light that shines so brightly that even Jonah can’t ignore it. Her heart is so big and she loves so deeply that Jonah finds himself so torn between remaining within the darkness, and wanting to step into the light even if it’s for a moment.

“Once upon a time, he had been a man used to the spotlight and now he was a man who danced between moonbeams.”

The Wish Collector brings with it not just romance but also a historical feel that just brings the story full circle. You find your heart aching for each of the characters. I felt the heartbreak they each had been through. Mia Sheridan wrote such a beautiful tale with the perfect balance of light and darkness within it.

I truly loved this book, and the cover is absolutely stunning! It’s one of the first things that drew me to this book and I am so happy I took a chance to read it! I would certainly recommend it to others and hope each reader can love it as much as I have.




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