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“An absolute gem of a romance–thoroughly entertaining and uniquely charming..”- Frolic

Moti on the Water, an all-new sensational summer must read from New York Times bestselling author Leylah Attar is available now!

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Meet Moti Ferreira—spectacularly jinxed from the day she’s born.

Saddled with an eccentric mother, she stumbles upon the one man who holds the key to her freedom—the best man at her cousin’s upcoming wedding.

All Moti has to do is overcome her fear of water, board a yacht to the Greek Isles, seduce the dreamy Nikos Manolas, and survive two weeks at sea with her oddball family.

The only obstacle Moti doesn’t see coming is Alexandros Veronis, the onboard chef and star witness to her awkward mishaps. He transforms onions into chocolate and aroma into nostalgia. Day by day, his alchemy works its magic on Moti. But she’s not the only one falling under his spell. Everyone has a secret, growing round and ripe at Chef Alex’s table. When the masks fall off, they spill out one by one, and everything blows up in their faces.

Now Moti’s truth is exposed, and worse, she’s hooked on more than Alex’s midnight snacks. But this time, screwing up could be the best thing she’s ever done…



5 Phenomenal Stars! 

Moti on the Water is absolutely wonderful story that left me smiling. I loved this story!

In the past I have always loved Leylah Attar’s books, and this one was no different. Her writing is phenomenal. She weaves a story so perfectly with the right amount of balance. Moti on the Water is a RomCom that will certainly have you laughing but also has romance.

I don’t want to give away spoilers so will keep it simple. Moti is a young woman who has been told her entire life she is to marry a particular man, one with three thumbs to be exact. If she doesn’t well then things aren’t going to look up for her mother. Talk about pressure!

When Moti finds herself in her cousins wedding she meets a man that would bring everything to light in her life. The only thing is she was never prepared to meet Chef Alexandros who unrattles her in the most delicious of ways. He seems to bring everyone he meets under a spell through his food.

I loved Alex. He was such a great “hero” in this story. He was caring, strong, handsome, and funny. Moti loves so deeply for her family but also wants to find a love filled with so much passion. This book is so full of love, and family. Family is everything and family in the end love one another with flaws and all. I wish I could create a beautiful review to do this book the justice is deserves.

Moti on the Water is the perfect summer time story that will leave you smiling. I would most certainly recommend this book to others!


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It was as if the Greek gods had orchestrated a cosmic game, put me in the center of it, and placed bets on what I would do.

This is who you’re supposed to be with,said Zeus and Hera, holding up a marble bust of Nikos. These two head honchos of Greek mythology threw their son off the top of Mount Olympus because they didn’t like the way he looked. You didn’t want to incur their wrath.

Aphrodite, Goddess of love, clapped her hands.Ah, but what you really wantto do right now is kiss Alex, don’t you? You really have to watch this gal pal. It was her husband who’d been thrown off Mount Olympus, so if it’s happily-ever-after that you’re gunning for, proceed with caution.

Always listen to your mother, Hestia piped in. She was the goddess of family and domesticity. She deserved a lot of kudos. Not many of the gods practiced what they preached, but Hestia stuck to her guns, and probably listened to her mother. Hence, she remained a virgin.

Dionysus, the Greek deity of wine and ecstasy, raised his glass. Pffft. Eat, kiss, and be merry! Pirates once seized him, thinking he was too incapacitated to fight back. Dionysus filled their ship with vines and turned them into dolphins. Moral of the story? Don’t mess with a Greek god even when he’s drunk. Also, he gave the kind of advice you could really get on board with.

About Leylah

Leylah Attar is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Best Selling author of contemporary romance and women’s fiction. She is the recipient of the 2017 Indie Reader Discovery Award for fiction. Her books, which include Mists of The Serengeti, The Paper Swan, 53 Letters for My Lover (#1) and From His Lips (a 53 Letters novella #1.5), have been published in nine languages.

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