Welcome to my page!!

A little about me, I absolutely LOVE to read, to discover new authors & to help others discover new authors. I adore a good Romance, but also love and almost need a happily ever after. I’ll read almost any Genre of book, but it has to be something that has truly caught my attention with a great blurb. I do have my limits like most readers.

I’m a mom of two amazing kids who happen to take up a lot of my daily time, but there’s nothing I would change about them. 🙂 I’m a proud wife, and my husband helps me indulge in my passion of everything book related. He’s even gone to a book signing for me, where he carried all my stuff and helped me to have an amazing time meeting some of my favorite authors.

Now I have blogged in the past, I actually had another page, same name but decided it was time to have a make-over. I was absent from blogging for about 2 years after the birth of my daughter due to a lot of life changes and just started back. I hope I can help lots of authors in expanding their reading audiences, as well as fellow readers to find another favorite author!

Please feel free to message me on my fb page for any help in sharing books. 🙂


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